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When the eviction case goes to court, the landlord or the landlord's representative must be present at the courthouse. Court proceedings take time and are often subject to last-minute rescheduling and delays. 

Evictions Help’s landlord eviction service takes care of all of this. In order to secure the success of your eviction case, we compile the necessary paperwork and appear in court to represent your interests against your tenant. 

During the hearing, we will prove your immediate ownership of the subject property and we will make the case against any attempt by your tenant to occupy your property. You don't need to worry about rescheduling, being available, or the small details of the case. Rest assured that we will keep you informed as we professionally represent your interests in the courthouse and win the case on your behalf.

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Our landlord eviction service will take care of being in the right place, at the right time, and with the right evidence to win you the judgment.

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