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Evictions are difficult on everyone involved; tenants, the landlord, or families.
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Evictions are challenging for everyone concerned. For the tenants, of course, but also for the landlords. We at Evictions Help are here to assist. Our landlord eviction service is dedicated to making the process quick and painless. We are aware that you did not become a Landlord merely to evict the tenants occupying your property. Most of the time, you have few options, particularly if you find yourself owing thousands of dollars and in danger of defaulting on your own mortgage. The procedure can be taxing and frustrating. To ease your life a little, Evictions Help is here to navigate the process for you.

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Can’t Get Your Tenant Out?

We make evictions easy!

We’ll save you from the wasted time at the courthouse and potential pitfalls of the eviction process


We Handle The Paperwork

We complete the required eviction petition forms and file the petition at the correct courthouse to ensure there are no delays.


We Attend The Hearing

We attend the hearing for you so you do not have to waste countless hours preparing and showing up at the courthouse. 


We Deliver Results

We use our knowledge and experience of the eviction process to make sure you get the judgment you deserve, without delays, and we report back to you at every step

Our services

We can help facilitate other services including rekey and trash removal once the tenant(s) has vacated the property.

Eviction Notices

We deliver a legally-valid vacate notice to the tenant(s) in order to start the eviction process.

Eviction Filings

We prepare the necessary eviction petition form(s) and file petition at the correct court house on your behalf.

Eviction Representation

On the day of the scheduled hearing, we attend the hearing and represent your interests to the judge.

Writ of Possession

We prepare and file a Writ of Possession if the tenant(s) do not vacate your property within 5 days of the judgment.

Eviction Appeal

We walk you through the appeal process and work with our preferred attorney to win the appeal.

Eviction Process

How the process should be done

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The eviction process can vary from county-to-county and from court-to-court. Documents differ, procedures differ, timescales differ. We will develop the right strategy to win the case and your house back!



All evictions must start with a legally proper notice to the tenant(s). 



Court appearances are time consuming but often necessary to win the case and obtain the judgment against the tenant. 



A lockout is something we hope to avoid but a court ordered writ of possession, following a judgement, could be necessary to have tenant(s) physically removed from your house

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