Eviction Notice

An eviction notice to the tenant is the first step in the eviction process. Its primary purpose is to notify the tenant(s) of your intentions to file for an eviction suit unless the tenant returns the property to you. It is also a vital document that safeguards your rights as a landlord, provided that it is drafted and served correctly. 

Landlords who embark on this step without professional assistance, typically omit crucial details or commit procedural errors. This inevitably creates significant delays and can lead to the landlord losing the eviction process. If this happens, the landlord must re-start the eviction process, causing considerable irritation, lost time, and unnecessary expense. 

By simply engaging our landlord eviction service, you can avoid this costly pitfall. Our specialists will draft a legally binding eviction notice and take care of ensuring that it is correctly and unequivocally received by your tenant(s)

Do not let a little mistake ruin your eviction case. Enlist our professional landlord eviction service to guarantee that the eviction notice is correctly written, legally delivered, and will stand up in court. 

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